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How do locking gas struts work?
Locking Gas Springs from Gastac can offer optimum weight equalization during opening, closing and positioning. A special piston / valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the gas spring, allows effortless variable locking. If the valve tappet is released from the outside and the exchange between the pressure chambers is interrupted, the gas spring will lock and hold even heavy loads reliably in the desired position.

What are the different types of locking gas springs?
Locking gas spring is called lockable gas spring,locking gas strut,lockable gas strut,bloc o lift. They are used for convenient and safe adjustment of sitting posture and lying position, they can provide variable locking in any stroke position.Gastac locking gas spring three types of Lockable Gas Struts flexible , rigid in extension locking gas spring , and rigid in compression lockable gas spring.
Flexible Locking: Under intense compression or tension loads, the rod may slightly flex. For optimal performance, these springs should be used with the rod pointing downward, unless an oil chamber system is employed.

What is a rigid locking gas strut?
Rigid locking gas strut has two characters:
Rigid in Extension: These gas springs remain rigid when the rod is pulled, with minimal flex during rod push. They are versatile for installation in any orientation.
Rigid in Compression: While pulling the rod leads to slight flex, pushing the rod results in no flex.These springs are ideal in rod-down orientation, unless equipped with an oil chamber system.

Gastac locking gas spring applications:
Standing Desk Converter
Pneumatic Standing Desk
Theatre Seating
Dialysis Chairs
Tilt Steering Wheel
Barber Chair
EVA Walker
Coach Seat
Train Seat
Massage Table
Recliner Chair
Hospital Bed
Hospital Bassinet
Ambulance Stretcher
Rehabilitation Equipment
Exercise machines
Therapy Tables
Locking gas spring provide flexibility, convenience, and safety in these applications, enhancing user experience and functionality across a wide range of industries.

What are the main advantages of locking gas spring?
Adjustable Locking Positions: One of the primary advantages is the ability to lock the gas spring at different positions along its stroke length. This adjustability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where you need to secure an object in a particular position or angle.

Ergonomics: In furniture and ergonomic applications, locking gas springs can be used to adjust the height and angle of chairs, tables, and desks, allowing users to find the most comfortable and ergonomic positions.

Versatility: These gas springs can be employed in various industries and applications, from automotive and aerospace to industrial machinery and furniture, thanks to their adaptability and customization locking positions.

Maintenance-Free: Locking gas springs are typically maintenance-free and provide long-lasting performance due to their sealed design, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or lubrication.

Noise Reduction: They can contribute to noise reduction in applications where objects need to be moved or adjusted quietly, such as in hospital beds or office furniture.

What are Gastac gas spring services?
Gastac offer a range of locking gas springs which compete on equal terms with other major world gas spring suppliers. Gastac has continued to excel in the design of gas springs specifically tailored to its customers’ applications and meets these needs with cost effective and reliable solutions,swift delivery and maintaining the highest quality standard,we not only embrace large-scale project,but a warm welcome to small batch order.