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Locking gas spring

Gastac Locking gas springs can be stopped in any stroke position, with a locking valve into the pressure tube, they only allow extension or compression when the release pin, located at the end of the rod, is depressed.

Locking Gas Springs from Gastac can offer optimum weight equalization during opening, closing and positioning. A special piston / valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the gas spring, allows effortless variable locking. If the valve tappet is released from the outside and the exchange between the pressure chambers is interrupted, the gas spring will lock and hold even heavy loads reliably in the desired position.

Locking gas spring is called lockable gas spring,locking gas strut,lockable gas strut,Bloc O Lift . They are used for convenient and safe adjustment of sitting posture and lying position, they can provide variable locking in any stroke position.

Gastac Lockable gas springs three types of Lockable Gas Struts Flexible, Rigid in extension locking gas spring, and Rigid in compression lockable gas spring .

Gastac Gas Spring Supplier can design the Locking gas strut specification according to your needs.If you need them,please contact us for your need specification,thanks!