Quality Control

The Manufacturing, Quality Testing and Packing

  • We’ve established a rigorous product-manufacturing program, keeping the record of our customer’s drawings and samples.
  • Fast quality feedback during product making.
  • The piston and rod: the pistons, the seal, O-rings inspected at random, the piston rod size, the hardness, rod finishing inspecting.
  • The tube: the cylinder tube cutting, chamfer, the size, tube inner finishing inspecting.
  • Assembling: the rod and the cylinder assembling, checking the piston with rod smoothly in the cylinder, the amount of the oil.
  • The gas spring fills with inert nitrogen gas, force testing, 500N less pressure control range ± 15N, 500N more pressure more control range± 20N.
  • After the surface treatment doing, painting, checking the paint.
  • The force testing again, checking the oil leakage, gas leakage.
  • The packing: every good product with one plastic bag, the label, warning signs, good cartons packing. Each carton weight is less than 20kgs.
  • The stocked: after all gas springs are finished, we move them into the stocked room. The piston rod of gas springs is in the lower level than the cylinder tube.

Quality Control of Gas Spring Test Bench

Linear Test Stands
To learn the force and stroke of gas spring and damping, so as to control the performance of gas spring, and produce better gas springs.

Salt Spray Test Machine
To do anti-corrosion surface treatment of gas springs,so as to meet customer’s using standard.

Fatigue Testing Machine
To do fatigue testing of new varieties of gas spring,extending service life of gas spring and improving product performance.

Water Test Bed
To do water pressure test of gas spring,ensure that each gas spring nitrogen gas does not leak,so as to ensure product quality.