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Hydraulic Gate Closer

The Back Hydraulic Gate Closer from Gastac offers firm, quiet hydraulic action for easy closing of pedestrian gates. This turtle back gate closer features a top-of-the-line design with improved seals and a higher performing cylinder for a superior product. With a pre-set, hydraulic closing speed delivering controlled closure, the turtle back automatic gate closer has emerged onto the market as an economical and reliable device to secure pedestrian gates. Hotel pool gates, parking lot access gates, beach access gates, office complex gates, resort gates, and barrier gates highlight a few of the many places this gate closer can be applied. This automatic gate closer is also recommended for gates which lock by maglock or electric strike because of its steady and stable closing action. Installs on top, middle or bottom of either right or left hand of the opening side of the gate. Will work with most in-line or offset hinge arrangements.

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