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Tailgate Struts

Tailgate struts are used in automobile design to take the weight of the car talgate ,doors and trunk lid when opening. They prevent tipping, keep weight in the open and allow you to monitor the closing. Tailgate struts are hydro-pneumatic adjusting products. They consist of a pressure tube and a rod with a piston package. Connecting elements of various types, which are fixed on the pressure tube and rod, provide a reliable connection with the construction of the tailgate struts.

Tailgate struts are filled with nitrogen under high pressure acting on the piston. This creates a resistance force. If the force of the tailgate struts is more then the resistance force, the rod is pulled out, while at a lower power the spring is compressed. The speed of compression is installed directly at the plant. In addition to the nitrogen inside the tailgate struts there is a required amount of oil to lubricate the moving parts, as well as to amortize the end positions.