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Bonnet Struts

Bonnet struts are small, usually gas-charged cylinders that are used to support the hood of your car while it’s open so that you can get to work on all the important stuff.

Shop universal bonnet strut at an affordable price online, direct replacement for the old one.

A bonnet strut conversion to lift & hold your bonnet/hood.

Simple, and fully reversible DIY fit in ten minutes.

No cutting or drilling required. Lifts and closes with the perfect resistance.

Included is a high-grade stainless steel ball-end bracket, which screws onto the existing bonnet latch bracket stud – no new holes or drilling needed.

These bonnet strut kits make using your bonnet easy. Not only to lift your bonnet, but also to hold it in the open position, giving you all the room and safety for performing maintenance in the engine bay.