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Hood Strut

Sold individually,Two (2) struts required per vehicle.

How many times have you replaced your hood struts? Us too that’s why we developed the ultimate hood strut. The last hood strut that you will ever need. Factory hood struts are hydraulic filled and will eventually fail, without question. They are sensitive to weight and to temperature making them unreliable and less than ideal for aftermarket hoods, or hoods with bodywork.

If your hood is not staying up when you open it, the hood shock(s) may be in need of replacement. By using gastac hood strut you know it will be the correct pressure to keep the hood open at the correct OE height and angle. A direct fit unit for easy replacement in minutes.

Operation is simple. Just open your hood all the way up, and it will remain in place. Push it up one more time and it will release the stop and come back down.