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Hydraulic Damper

The hydraulic dampers are similar in appearance to the industrial gas springs but are adjusted in the end position and work differently with individual speed adjusters for the push and pull direction. This provide users with the maximum flexibility.

The exterior of oil dampers with fixings on both ends resembles a gas spring. But unlike gas springs they make sure that the flap or similar objects dont’t move too fast during their whole travel and open/close at a controlled speed.

Gastac hydraulic dampers with fixings on both ends are used everywhere where moved items, such as flaps, covers or operating arms, should not surpass a certain speed. They are attached to the object to be cushioned and thus provide a constant damping throughout their stroke.

Damping types

Depending on the application, you can choose between damping on compressing stroke (push forces), on extending stroke (pull forces) or both together (i.e. push and pull forces).

Preset damping force for dampers

These are the more economic version, with factory-set damping force. They are suitable for applications where all the data required for calculation is ready available or for use in mass production.