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Boot Strut

Boot strut is car parts which are generally sold in pairs. A boot gas strut (in this case) is fixed to the boot of the car on one side and to the car’s body on the other. When the boot is opened, the boot struts extend by means of pressure inside.

This is necessary to block them once the boot is open thereby preventing it to fall back down on its own. The force of boot struts is put in newtons. Without boot struts, the boot of the car wouldn’t be able to remain open by itself as it is a rather heavy part of your car.

Here we know there is nothing more annoying than the original upper boot struts failing causing the boot to slam shut in the wind, not hold itself up as it should and potentially cause damage to the bodywork of your beloved cars.

Gastac can offer replacement of boot struts come as a matched pair ready to install.