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Stainless Steel Gas Struts

Stainless Steel Gas Struts are incredibly useful across various industries due to the metal’s hardwearing, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting properties. Stainless steel gas struts are commonly used in the marine industry, but they also the food industry, food processing, medical settings and packaging machinery.

Stainless Steel Gas Struts also known as 304 Fixed Force Stainless Steel Compression Gas Springs,Marine Gas Struts,Stainless Steel Gas Shocks ,316L Stainless marine Gas Springs.

The marine sector utilizes Stainless Steel Gas Spring incredibly effectively. They are excellent for use in boat hatches, and other wet environments as stainless steel does not rust. Stainless steel struts contain alloyed elements that react with oxygen to form a metal oxide and hydroxide coating on the material. This acts as a protective film and prevents rust formation, which requires water, iron, and oxygen to mix.

Because stainless steel gas struts for boat hatches can resist rust, stainless steel gas struts sterilization is often essential. So it is necessary that the machinery and materials used do not react to the environment and can be sterilized if required, particularly for food safety and quality assurances.

Gas springs can be used to open, close, brace and dampen the movement of a wide variety of doors, lids, covers etc.One of the most common uses is to hold open automobile trunk lids and hatchbacks, as well as to support the office chair you are sitting in.So stainless gas struts are ideal choice for sterile or corrosive environments.And stainless steel gas springs are widely used in boats, yachts, hatches, covers, access panels, sail tensioners, lifting aids and balancing devices.

Gastac Boat Hatch Struts Dominance
Gastac boat hatch struts are used extensively throughout the Marine and other industries with applications requiring a high degree of corrosion resistance or a high end product appearance.
Gastac is a quality supplier of 316L stainless steel gas shocks for boats to the Marine industry.
Gastac stainless steel gas springs are manufactured and assembled in China.
Gastac ships stainless steel gas spring orders very quickly – most orders are filled within 2 weeks.
Gastac gas springs range in size from 2″ to 30″ stroke with customs over 50″ of stroke.
Gastac offers a wide variety of end fittings, brackets and mounting hardware.

Why are springs made of stainless steel?
Why are springs made from stainless steel? Stainless steel is a commonly used material for springs. This is largely due to the metal’s resistance to corrosion and heat. This material is wear-resistant and durable, making it ideal for many applications.

Do gas springs wear out?
Gastac gas springs generally allow a maximum force loss of 10% after 40,000 cycles at a maximum of 5 cycles per minute at room temperature and ideal installation conditions. However, it must be remembered that gas springs have a shelf life, as the sealing material ages and wears out.

Can gas struts be repaired?
Gas springs, being sealed and pressurized components, are generally not designed for user-level repairs. Attempting to repair a gas spring can be hazardous and may result in a loss of functionality, potential safety risks, or even injury. However, if the strut is still within its service life and has a minor issue, such as a dirty piston rod or loose mounting points, you may be able to fix it.

In most cases, when a gas spring is damaged, leaking, or not functioning as intended, the best course of action is to replace it with a new unit. If you believe your gas spring is not working properly, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer or a professional who specializes in gas spring systems for guidance on the appropriate steps to take. They can help assess the situation and provide recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

We offer a Wide Range of Stainless Steel Gas Struts
In our struts range at Gastac, we offer 4mm micro stainless steel gas strut ,and 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm standard stainless steel gas struts. Gas strut for boat hatches are all available with customization rod, body end fittings and dust covers. If you want standard specification gas springs, please see . stainless steel gas spring , micro stainless steel gas spring and Standard stainless steel gas spring standard stainless steel gas spring . If you need custom stainless steel marine gas springs, please contact /.

Stainless Steel Gas Struts

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Stainless Steel Gas Struts

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Stainless Steel Gas Struts

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Stainless Steel Gas Struts

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