What are the precautions for furniture gas springs?

The gas spring is powered by compressed gas (pure nitrogen) charged into the compression seal to provide thrust to the piston rod to obtain elastic force. Furniture gas springs are mainly used for supporting parts of furniture such as cabinets and wall beds.

Because the surface of the piston rod is precision machined and has undergone special surface treatment, it can achieve high hardness and small surface roughness, which makes the piston rod have less friction when reciprocating, so the service life of gas spring products Up to ten times more than traditional springs.

Furniture gas spring installation method:

  • First determine the installation position of the fulcrum, so as to ensure a smooth installation.
  • The piston rod of the furniture gas spring support rod must be installed downwards and must not be installed upside down.
  • This reduces friction and ensures damping quality and cushioning.
  • When installing, let it move over the middle line of the structure, otherwise it is easy to automatically push the door open.

Precautions for using furniture gas springs:

  1. The ambient temperature range for gas springs is generally -35 to +60 °C.
  2. The gas spring cannot bear lateral force or oblique force during the working process, otherwise there will be partial wear phenomenon, which will lead to the early failure of the gas spring, which should also be considered in the design.
  3. For the door structure with light weight and no locking device, the design should ensure that after the door is closed, the connection between the fixed support point of the gas spring and the movable support point passes through the midpoint of the rotation to ensure that the elastic force of the gas spring can close the door tightly. Otherwise, the gas spring will often push the door open; for heavy door structures (the cover of the machine), a locking device is recommended.
  4. The gas spring cannot have relative movement when it is in the closed and working state, and its continuous expansion and contraction should be controlled within the required range.
  5. The gas spring should not be used as a limit device, and an additional limit device should be added. Generally, a rubber head is used to limit the position.

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