Tanning Bed Shocks for Sunquest/Wolff – The Most Affordable Alternative

Replacement stabilus hydro lift tanning bed

Gastac tanning bed shocks serve as seamless replacements for Stabilus Hydro Lifts in tanning beds, offering superior performance and durability. Engineered with precision, Gastac springs ensure smooth and controlled movement of the bed’s canopy, enhancing user comfort and safety. With their reliable support and long-lasting design, Gastac gas springs optimize the functionality of tanning beds, providing a cost-effective solution for maintenance and upgrades.

Gastac tanning bed shock

A brief but welcome break from your daily routine, combined with the warmth of summer and the fresh glow of your skin – it’s a good reason to get in on the sunbed action. Of course the ease of operation of the sunbed and cover is equally important. Gastac’s solution allows you to easily open and close the sunbed’s heavy cover even while lying down. Tanning bed shock provides reliable protection against accidental movement and prevents the lid from slamming shut. Additionally, they provide strong support that employees and visitors increasingly appreciate.

How do tanning bed shocks work?

Tanning bed shocks rely on compressed gas within a sealed cylinder. As the canopy opens, pressure increases, compressing the gas and storing potential energy. When released, this energy propels the canopy upward, offering support. Conversely, as the canopy closes, the gas expands, absorbing kinetic energy, thereby controlling the descent. This mechanism ensures smooth, controlled movement, enhancing user safety and convenience.

What are the different types available?

There are several types of blockable gas springs available, each catering to specific needs. Manual blockable gas springs allow users to manually engage or disengage the blocking mechanism, offering control over positioning. Automatic blockable gas springs feature integrated locking mechanisms that automatically engage when the desired position is reached, providing convenience and reliability. Additionally, some gas springs come with external control options, allowing for remote activation or adjustment of the blocking function. These gas springs vary in size, pressure range, and materials, ensuring compatibility with diverse applications ranging from industrial machinery to furniture and medical equipment.

Where can I purchase replacement tanning bed shocks?

Find replacement tanning bed shocks conveniently at gastac.com. Our range includes high-quality gas springs designed to ensure smooth and safe operation of your tanning bed. With easy browsing and secure checkout, Gastac offers a hassle-free shopping experience. Upgrade your tanning bed with confidence – visit gastac.com today!

How to measure tanning bed struts?

To measure tanning bed struts accurately, start by fully extending the strut. Then, measure the overall length from the center of one end fitting to the center of the other. Ensure the strut is fully compressed when taking measurements for accuracy. If possible, note down any markings or codes on the existing struts for reference when purchasing replacements. Double-check the measurements to ensure compatibility and a proper fit for your tanning bed.

How do you fix tanning bed shocks?

When addressing issues with tanning bed shocks, it’s important to note that they typically can’t be fixed; they need to be replaced. Begin by identifying the problem, such as reduced support or noisy operation. Then, safely remove the old shocks by detaching them from the tanning bed. Ensure you purchase replacement shocks compatible with your tanning bed’s specifications. Install the new shocks carefully, following manufacturer instructions. Finally, test the tanning bed to ensure proper functionality. Remember, replacing worn-out shocks is essential for maintaining safety and performance.

Advantages of choosing Gastac tanning bed shock

  • High-Quality Construction: Gastac tanning bed shocks for sunquest are built with precision engineering and durable materials, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Smooth Operation: These shocks provide smooth and controlled movement of the tanning bed canopy, enhancing user experience and comfort.
  • Safety Assurance: Gastac shocks are designed to meet stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind to users and operators alike.
  • Easy Replacement: Gastac shocks are designed to be easy to install, allowing for hassle-free replacement and maintenance of tanning beds.
  • Wide Compatibility: With a range of sizes and specifications available, Gastac shocks are compatible with various tanning bed models, ensuring versatility and flexibility in replacement options.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Gastac shocks offer excellent value for money, providing reliable performance at competitive prices.
  • Manufacturer Support: Gastac provides excellent customer support and aftersales service, ensuring assistance and guidance throughout the replacement process.

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