Replacement for Stabilus Bloc O Lift – Force, Stroke, Extended Ltength

Replacement Stabilus Bloc O Lift

Are you looking for stabilus bloc o lift then you have come to the right place. Gastac offers a wide range of stainless steel gas struts for boat hatches. When you order from Gastac, you receive professional grade gas springs that will last you decades if used correctly. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality of our gas struts and offer you a unique service. At you will find a variety of different air springs in various shapes and sizes.

Due to our wide range of replacement bloc o lift, every part of every item requires a suitable locking gas spring. The type of locking gas strut you need usually depends on which application you want to use it in a massage bed, overbed table or barber chair.

Locking Gas Spring is divided into three types, elastic locking gas spring, rigid locking, any mounting orientation rigid locking gas spring and rigid locking gas spring.

Elastic Locking Gas Spring

BLOC-O-LIFT is an elastic locking gas spring, ideal for easy and comfortable adjustment of furniture and panels via a special piston valve system, also allowing these applications to be safely positioned in any position within the range. Provides comfortable cushioning and damping during impact or pulse load peaks, and the best balance during lifting, lowering, opening and closing. Suitable for swivel chairs, massage chairs, etc.

Vertically Mounted Rigid Locking Gas Spring

Rigid locking gas spring vertically mounted, cost-effective rigid locking models are among your choices. If the gas spring is to be locked in the extended direction, install it with the piston rod pointing downwards. If it is necessary to lock the compression direction, install the gas spring with the piston rod facing upwards. Optimal balance during lifting, lowering, opening and closing in any position, suitable for height adjustment of hospital beds, operating tables, as well as armrest and headrest adjustment.

Rigid Locking Gas Spring

Rigid locking BLOC-O-LIFT air springs are ideal for applications that require a fixed position even when subjected to high external forces. Compact design, minimal space requirements, and various end fittings allow for efficient installation. Suitable for: head and foot adjustment of hospital beds, operating tables and wheelchairs, height adjustment of walkers, armrests, headrests and driver seats, table height and angle adjustment, etc.

Regarding locking gas springs. What are the issues that customers are concerned about?

  • Quality and durability : The product is well constructed and able to withstand long periods of frequent use without failure.
  • Load Capacity: Whether it’s a car, furniture or industrial machinery, handle the expected weight safely and reliably.
  • Smooth operation: Smooth and consistent operation for applications that require precision and control. Provides seamless motion with no jitter or lag.
  • Safety Features: Features like built-in locking mechanisms, overload protection and fail-safe design prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Installation and Compatibility: Ease of installation and compatibility with existing devices or systems.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Balanced between quality, functionality and price.
  • Customer Support & Warranty: 2-year quality guarantee gives customers peace of mind.

What are the advantages of Gastac Locking Gas Spring?

  • Variable positioning with elastic or rigid locking
  • Optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening and closing
  • Locked in extended or compressed position
  • Installation can be in a specific orientation or any orientation, depending on the type
  • Flat spring characteristic curve, even with high forces or large strokes, the force increase is small.
  • Linear, progressive or decreasing spring characteristic curve
  • Mechanical drive system also features an ultra-small drive range for the simplest operation
  • Wide range of sizes, force variants and end fittings available
  • Compact design fits into the smallest of spaces
  • Maintenance-free and long service life even under high loads

Gastac Locking Gas Springs

Gastac’s standard product line offers a wide choice of locking gas springs, so there is always the right product for any installation situation. Thanks to Gastac’s long-standing expertise as a pioneer in the production of gas springs, we are also happy to support you as a development partner. Together we will develop a suitable locking gas spring solution to meet your individual needs.

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