What should I pay attention to when using a telescopic gas spring?

The telescopic gas spring is an industrial accessory that can function as support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment. So what details do we need to pay attention to when using a telescopic gas spring in order to play its role?

  1. The telescopic gas spring contains a small amount of lubricating oil, which is used to lubricate the main seal and connecting rod. When the rod is used down, the oil remains in contact with the rod seal, improving sealing performance and ensuring the seal never dries out. Therefore, when installing and retracting gas springs, make sure that their angle to the vertical is less than 60 degrees.
  2. Due to the harsh use environment of construction machinery, the tightness of the telescopic gas spring is required to be high, and dust and other debris should be avoided from entering the gas spring during use. In addition, prevent sharp tools from scratching or damaging the surface of the gas spring piston rod, and do not apply paint and corrosive chemicals to the piston rod.
  3. The stroke of the telescopic gas spring should be added with a certain margin (about 10mm) on the basis of the working stroke to avoid errors in the installation process, which will affect the life and performance of the telescopic gas spring.
  4. The telescopic gas springs configured on construction machinery generally have a short service life due to the outdoor use environment, which should be considered in the design.
  5. The ambient temperature range of the telescopic gas spring is generally -35 ~ +60 ℃.
  6. The telescopic gas spring cannot bear lateral force or oblique force during the working process, otherwise there will be eccentric wear, which will lead to the early failure of the telescopic gas spring, which should also be considered in the design.
  7. For the door structure with light weight and no locking device, the design should ensure that after the door is closed, the connection between the fixed support point and the movable support point of the telescopic gas spring passes through the midpoint of the rotation to ensure that the elastic force of the gas spring can close the door tightly. Otherwise, the telescopic gas spring will often push the door open; for the door structure with heavier mass (the cover of the machine), it is recommended to be equipped with a locking device.
  8. The telescopic gas spring cannot have relative movement when it is in the closed and working state, and its continuous expansion and contraction should be controlled within the required range.
  9. The door structure of construction machinery (such as the cover of the machine) is generally heavy. When choosing a telescopic gas spring, a gas telescopic gas spring with a safety device should be considered to avoid potential safety hazards due to the failure of the telescopic gas spring.
  10. The telescopic gas spring should not be used as a limit device, and a limit device needs to be added. Generally, a rubber head is used to limit the position.

The above are the precautions for the use of telescopic gas springs, do you understand? The above points must be avoided in use in order to prolong the service life of the telescopic gas spring and give full play to its value.

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