How to Make Your Room Unique – Gas Shocks for Murphy Bed

Gas shocks for murphy bed

Gas Shocks for Murphy Bed:are you still struggling because manually raising and lowering a wall bed can be challenging and cumbersome, requiring a lot of effort and strength? Still confused about how manually raising and lowering wall beds can cause wear and tear on your walls, causing damage over time? Are you still confused and worried about the risk of your Murphy bed accidentally falling, which may cause personal injury or property damage? Are you still frustrated by the idea of storing your wall bed vertically against the wall to save space?You’ve come to the right place Gastac murphy bed gas springs bring convenience, safety and functionality to your murphy bed, straying from its intended purpose as a space-saving solution.

What size gas shocks for Murphy bed?

The required gas shocks for murphy bed size depends mainly on the specific size, weight and design needs of the murphy bed. Generally speaking, the size specifications of gas springs include diameter, length, strength and end connection method, etc., which will affect the bearing capacity, lift range, retraction force and space adaptability of gas springs.

In terms of diameter, the maximum diameter of How to Make Your Room Unique – Gas Shocks for Murphy Bed are generally between 20mm and 100mm. The larger the diameter, the greater the bearing capacity. In terms of length, the full length of the gas spring (including the total length in the retracted and extended states) is generally between 50mm and 500mm. The longer the length, the greater the lift range. In terms of strength, the bearing capacity of gas springs is generally between 10N and 1000N. The greater the strength, the stronger the bearing capacity and the greater the retraction force.

However, because murphy beds vary widely in size and design, the required gas springs for murphy bed sizes will also vary. Therefore, when selecting gas springs, they need to be matched to the specific size, weight, and design needs of your Murphy bed.

In addition, the height of the Murphy bed from the ground is generally about 40 cm, which can be adjusted according to the user’s comfort level. If the Murphy bed is integrated with a sofa, desk, bookshelf, etc., the specific size will also be affected by these additional functional parts.

In general, choosing the size of a murphy bed shock suitable for a Murphy bed requires a comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, including the size, weight, design needs and user comfort of the Murphy bed. It is recommended to consult a professional or manufacturer before purchasing to ensure that you choose a suitable gas spring.

Diy murphy bed kit

The Gastac DIY Murphy bed kit is a comprehensive solution for transforming any room into a versatile space with a space-saving wall bed. With high-quality components and straightforward instructions, it simplifies the installation process. The kit includes gas springs for effortless lifting and lowering, durable hardware for secure mounting, and detailed guides for easy assembly. Whether for a guest room, home office, or studio apartment, this kit offers a convenient way to maximize living areas without compromising on comfort or functionality. Enjoy the benefits of a Murphy bed with the Gastac DIY kit, designed for efficiency and convenience.

What are the reasons why customers choose Gastac gas shocks for murphy bed?

  • Space-saving Design: Murphy bed gas springs enable beds to be stored vertically against the wall when not in use, maximizing floor space in smaller rooms or multifunctional spaces.
  • Easy Operation: Gas springs provide smooth and effortless lifting and lowering of Murphy beds, making them easy to use for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • Customizable: Gas springs come in various lengths and strengths to accommodate different bed sizes and weights, allowing for customization based on specific needs.
  • High-Quality Construction: Gastac gas springs are made from durable materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and longevity, providing peace of mind to users.
  • Quick Installation: Murphy bed gas spring kits, such as those offered by Gastac, typically come with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions for easy and quick installation.
  • Safety Features: Gas springs often include safety features such as locking mechanisms to secure the bed in the upright position, preventing accidental collapse and ensuring user safety.
  • Versatility: Gas springs can be used not only for Murphy beds but also for other applications where smooth, controlled lifting and lowering are needed, such as storage beds or cabinet doors.
  • Overall, Murphy bed gas springs, particularly those from Gastac, offer a convenient and efficient solution for maximizing space and enhancing functionality in various living environments.

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