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Gas lift bed

With the crowdedness of modern cities and the increasing the cost of living, people choose the beds that not only can rest, but also can make better use of space. Now we have two kinds of beds

You can make the most use of this kind of Murphy bed or wall bed, either in an uptown loft or just a little living area. During the day, it offers an office where is an ideal place for getting work done or eating a quick morning meal when you have a side chair pulled up while it’s upright.Once at night,we can only simply fold it down to reveal a bed where you can snooze the siesta away.

Another bed is pneumatic Lift bed& Storage bed, we can put some personal items under the bed, and just take out when needing, this kind of bed is very popular now.

Gastac provides gas spring and hardware for the Murphy bed and storage bed. Our gas springs and hardware can help manufacturers producing these beds save costs and provide solutions.

Murphy Bed

Storage Bed