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Tension Gas Springs

Item#: YQ12-24
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 2 Years
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Tension Gas Springs

Tension gas springs work in a different way unlike standard gas springs. They provide a controlled tension force instead of pressure force.
Tension gas springs are mostly used in situations where gas springs can’t be fitted or being preferred over gas springs.

When an opening is closed, the tension spring supports the manual force. It consists of a pressure tube and a piston rod with piston. In addition, a seal to prevent possible loss of gas is fitted at the piston rod guide. The tension spring is fitted with compressed gas – nitrogen which provides the spring force. In the unpressurised state, the piston rod is always retracted.

Pulling out the piston rod reduces the volume in the cylinder and the gas is compressed. This creates an increase in force (progression) for the spring, which depends on the diameter of the piston rod and the volume of the cylinder. The piston has a small opening (nozzle), through which the gas can flow. Thus, allowing the piston rod to move at a defined speed. The cross-section (diameter) of this opening defines the degree of damping of a spring.

Specification Force(N) Stroke(mm) C-C Length(mm) Connectors
YQ12-24-220-735(B-B)1200N 1200 220 735 B-B
YQ12-24-145-400(B-B)350N 350 145 400 B-B
YQ12-24-180-510(B-B)1000N 1000 180 510 B-B
YQ12-24-200-540(O-O)800N 800 200 540 O-O
YQ12-24-170-560(U-U)450N 450 170 560 U-U
YQ12-24-240-720(B-U)1300N 1300 240 720 B-U

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