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Rigid Locking Gas Spring with vertical mounting

Item#: JKQ10-22,10-26,10-27,10-28
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 2 Years
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Product Detail

In this kind of rigid locking gas springs, the piston works in an oil filled environment .Since the oil can not be compressed, the rigid locking gas spring can be used normally under the action of gravity. In order to make the gas springs work in a best condition, the vertical installation must be guaranteed.Separating piston design can reduce cost effectively.The locking behavior in the pull or push direction depends on the alignment of the piston rod.

For locking in the compression direction, the gas springs must be installed with the piston rod pointing up. In the other cases where locking in the extension direction is desired,a new version with the piston rod pointing down should be mounted.

Cost-effective variant with high locking force
Perfect weight balance in many working conditions
Reasonable design extending the service life
Convenient installation due to a variety of end fitting options

Due to oil cannot be compressed, the normal safe holding force must be ensured by the influence of gravity. Therefore, the additional piston as a separating element between gas and oil will not be necessary.
In this condition, the entire working process of the piston is located in the oil layer, which allows the required rigid locking in any position.

Specification Force(N) Stroke(mm) C-C Length(mm) Connectors
JKQ10-27-20-149.5(O-N)300N 300 20 149.5 O-N
JKQ10-27-20-149.5(O-N)500N 500 20 149.5 O-N
JKQ10-27-25-157.5(O-N)500N 500 25 157.5 O-N
JKQ10-27-30-168.5(O-N)700N 700 30 168.5 O-N
JKQ10-27-40-187.5(O-N)350N 350 40 187.5 O-N
JKQ10-27-60-228(O-N)600N 600 60 228 O-N
JKQ10-27-80-269(O-N)500N 500 80 269 O-N
JKQ10-27-100-310(O-N)700N 700 100 310 O-N

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