>>locking gas springs

The locking gas springs, also called gas pressure springs, gas dampers or gas pressure dampers, aid the ergonomics and comfort for conveniently safely changing seated and lying positions, for effortlessly and precisely operating machine covers and are used in many other applications.

Our lockable gas springs make it possible to variably lock them in any stroke position, whether elastically (“spring-loaded”) or rigidly. Our special functions offer particular advantages when it comes to convenience and operation.

Different connection elements and release systems complete our range of products and give you the appropriate lockable gas spring for any application.

Standard program

The standard program for lockable gas springs includes four different types.

Type ? Tube(mm) ? Piston rod(mm) Stroke(mm) Extension force* F1 (N) Color tube Color piston rod Type of locking
EL1 22 10 20 – 250 200 – 800 black Tenifer elastic
EL2 28 10 20 – 250 200 – 1,000 black Tenifer elastic
HY1 22 10 20 – 250 200 – 800 black Tenifer rigid
HY3 28 10 20 – 250 200 – 1,000 black Tenifer rigid


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