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Locking Gas Spring without locking in extension direction

Item#: JKQ10-27
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Quality Certificate: ISO9000, ISO/TS16949
Delivery Time: 7-15 working day
Guarantee Period: 2 Years
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Product Detail

Locking Gas Springs for Over Bed Table

Usually the locking gas springs are installed in vertical direction, without locking in extension direction. A locking gas spring permits comfortable upward movements of applications, such as table tops, without the release actuation, which is made possible by a special valve system in the piston package.

More importantly, applications with a locking gas spring can stop anywhere in compression direction. Locking gas springs also boast simplified handling and safety. And they mainly apply to table adjustment systems in hospital nightstands and in school furniture.

Specification Force(N) Stroke(mm) C-C Length(mm) Connectors
JKQ10/27-280-830-30~120N 30~120 280 830 E
JKQ10/27-290-850-30~120N 30~120 290 850 E
JKQ10/27-300-870-30~120N 30~120 300 870 E
JKQ10/27-350-970-30~120N 30~120 350 970 U
JKQ10/27-360-990-30~120N 30~120 360 990 U
JKQ10/27-380-1030-30~120N 30~120 380 130 U

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