>>Gas spring Stabilus Bloc-o-lift 5382HP 0600N

Gas spring Stabilus Bloc-o-lift 5382HP 0600N



Bloc-o-lift 5382HP 0600N

Force (Newton (N)) : 600
Bracket piston rod : Eye
Bracket pressure tube : Metric thread
Brand : Stabilus
Reference : 5382HP
A – Length (mm) : 370,5
E – ? piston rod (mm) : 10
G – ? pressure tube (mm) : 28
K – Stroke (mm) : 100,5

A Stabilus reference on a gas spring is unique. If the reference here above is the same as the reference on your gas spring, you can count on it that it is the same gas spring. Additional information on your gas spring has to do with production information and therefore unimportant.