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Project Description

New height adjustable office desk gas spring

Introducing the New Heights Gas-Spring lift tables offering up to 30 lbs of lifting capacity. A perfect alternative to our electric and crank height adjustable workstations. All gas-spring systems have a range of from 3″ to 16.5″ work stroke.

These study height adjustable hydraulic table gas spring are a good fit for student desk,height Adjustable Desktop, Standing Desk Converter, Lift Computer Desk, Desk Riser, Desk Risers for Standing Or Sitting, Ergonomic, Portable Folding Workbench.Load-Bearing is according to the user requirement to make,its lifting capacity is flexible.

The stand-up table can be raised or lowered in a few seconds by the spring-assisted handle.This gas spring can fit for single leg or double legs.

This height-adjustable desk provides a comfortable working environment. Allows you to switch between sitting and standing to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain,it suitable for office workers, writers, network workers, educators, game lovers, etc.