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Project Description

Gas Springs for Car

The gas spring and damper for cars are designed to meet the increasing demand for comfortable interior environment. We can offer automotive gas springs that can apply to seat, armrest, storage box, etc., offering comfort to users while improving the car interior environment. All the products can satisfy the ergonomic theory to create the maximum comfort. Passengers won’t be hurt by the opening and closing of some heavy objects.

1. Storage Box (Glove Box)

When you open the storage box, gas spring offers slow damping effect to prevent the instant door opening from hurting passengers’ knees. In addition, it saves car interior space. It can let car door stay safe at any position and easily be opened.

2.Car Seat

Gas spring applies to car seat, providing comfort to passengers. Its strong supporting force will cause less damage to them in case of safety risk..

3. Car Seat Drop Leaf Table

The drop leaf table, if installed with a gas spring, can be gently opened and locked. This type of table has no mechanism structure, and is convenient to hide and use. Passengers can safely place their things onto the table.

4. Seat Armres

The seat armrest with gas spring is easy to open. It can safely control the door to prevent the sudden opening or closing which may hurt passengers.