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GASTAC Tailgate Assist GA0400

  • Exact Fit- Direct OEM Replacement Ensures Easy Installation
  • Safely Controls The Drop Rate Of Truck Tailgates
  • Only One Tailgate Assist Required Per Vehicle
  • High Quality and Extensively Tested For Heavy Use
  • Please check if the dampers fit your vehicle by Part Finder

Product Detail

GASTAC Tailgate Assist GA0400

GASTAC Tailgate Assist GA0400 is extensively tested and works in conjunction with factory cables. All mounting hardware is included and no drilling is required for installation.Tailgate hydraulic assist is designed for each model, which makes deezee tailgate installation easily.

Gastac dee zee tailgate assist simple addition can extend the longevity of your tailgate and ensure the safety of operators, including children looking to lend a helping hand.

GASTAC Tailgate Assist GA0400 Available for the following Vehicles:
ISUZU truck Tailgate

Gastac’s Tailgate Assist makes it much easier and safer to lower your heavy tailgate. It helps to prevent injuries and makes opening your tailgate easier on your back, arms, and shoulders.

This tailgate-lowering system is custom designed for your vehicle’s factory tailgate cable. It uses a shock absorber as well as a ball-and-socket connection at the truck to make opening your tailgate smooth and easy.

The Tailgate Assist is built to last. It’s carefully tested to make sure it will stand up to heavy use. Installing a Tailgate Assist takes just a few minutes using the included hardware, and you don’t have to drill into your truck bed. Only one Tailgate Assist kit is necessary for your tailgate. Just install it on one side of your tailgate, and you’re good to go.